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Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly

Most people visiting your site are likely to find you via their smartphone. According to Google statistics, smartphone traffic has for several years outnumbered traffic from desktop computers. Optimising your business website to be mobile-friendly is therefore vital to reach potential customers across all devices.

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The Importance of SEO for Small Business Websites

An understanding of SEO for small business – SEO is short for search engine optimisation – and its benefits for small business is imperative to increase sales and focus your digital marketing. With Google by far the most popular search engine, optimising your website for the search engine giant’s organic–or non-paid–search results should be one of your chief priorities. This will increase visitors to your website, which can lead to more sales.

What exactly is SEO and how can it be incorporated into your site?

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4 Reasons Why Website Loading Speed is Crucial For Your Business

Far too many companies overlook the importance of website performance. It might not seem like a major problem if your customers need to wait a few seconds longer to load their pages. Nevertheless, data from a wide range of sources proves that website loading speed has a remarkable impact. Just one extra second on average reduces sales by 7 per cent, and slowness ranks as the top reason for online shopping cart abandonment.

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